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Nobody Plays Their Villain In Their Own Movie

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“Nobody plays the villain in their own movie.”Image

So my posting activity recently has been about as active as a snail on Valium. However, I came across something that was one of those light-bulb moments in my head & wanted to share. “Nobody plays the villain in their own movie” – Read this years ago when I was a kid & for some reason it always stuck with me. Even though I thought I was the most badass Ninja-turtle whitey tighteys wearing 9 year old out there, I think I’m just recently starting to accept & understand what it actually means.

Everybody is living their life from THEIR point of view. Yeah maybe some things people do aren’t what you’d do, but they’re the lead character in their own life. It’s kinda weird to think that the person living on the street is doing their own thing right now, with a whole bunch of supporting characters and settings but that’s what life is. We’re all the hero in our own story & innately do things that benefit ourselves. For some reason though, we judge ourselves by our intentions but others by their actions.

Once you start looking at life that way, it really helps you take a step back & see the world from a totally different perspective. Someone else out there is happy with less than what you have. Having different perspectives in life is everything…

Why People Hate Change


We all strive to be better at whatever it is we do on a daily basis – at least I know I do. Whether it’s your job, relationships, physical condition, knowledge. By nature, and this might be me taking a faith of leap in humanity, I think most people wake up wanting to be better than they were the day before. One thing that an old coach in high school used to tell me was ‘The only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday.’ Now at first I thought he was merely referring to my 1-8 FG, 6 Turnovers from the night before which I scoffed at saying you could blindfold me and put me in a wheelchair and I wouldn’t be that bad again. However, the more I realized it, he was talking about my attitude and the way I approached things. See I did the same thing before every game, practiced the same things for the same amount of time regardless of how I was playing. There’ s a popular saying that goes ‘The definition if insanity is doing something over and over and expecting different results’. To be honest, too many of us including myself are well, insane. So why are many of us so unreceptive to change? We’re creatures of habit and hate changing things even if we know it might make us better.


Over the last few months, I’ve made it a concerted effort to change certain aspects of my life. It might not be the most noticeable thing to other people, but again the only person you’re trying to prove anything to is the person you were yesterday. People change for better or worse – over the last few months, I’ve grown apart from many people that I was close to and normally I’d be upset but I know it’s for the better – People change, even best friends grow apart and soon you’ll find out who your real friends are through that change. You can’t force someone to be in your life and vice-versa, they can’t force you to be in theirs. I’m a huge believer in destiny – everything happens for a reason. We all have failures and disappointments – we just have to be ready and willing to chane. They say when the Wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills. Make sure you make the right one.

The Bystander Effect

I was hesitant to first post about this and then I realized if I didn’t, I’d be just like the handful of people that watched, murmured to themselves ‘Wow that’s sad’, and went on with their lives. Not that me writing about it is going to make that drastic of a change, but at the least, I can know I’m one more person saying how wrong it is. That might sound simple, but honestly how many times do we walk by something wrong and simply put our head down. ALL THE TIME. It’s called the Bystander Effect. The greater number of people present, the less amount of responsibility we seem to place on ourselves for helping someone in distress. Read the rest of this entry