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The Rise of Dance

Avicii Dance

Most of my friends that know me know I’m a huge fan of Electro/House/Dance music – pretty much if it gets my blood flowing I’m game. I was never a big fan of Dance but after living with a Brazilian that played it non-stop, I had no option but to fall in love with it. I’ve seen that my love of Dance has coincided with the rest of America – I’ve been wondering why – it’s not as if you’ll find Avicii or Afrojack blaring on your radio so the sudden ascent seems strange. The reason – blo & social media. There’s so many good blogs out there (Good Music All Day, Fresh New Tracks, Mostly Junkfood) that these days if you make good music – you’ll be found. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Sweden, Norway, France – you’ll get found. Two of my favorite things are sports and music – they both have the ability to bring people of all races, nationalities, backgrounds together. One of my favorite Avicii videos isn’t a music video, but rather his trailer for the worldwide hit, Levels – in that video you can see people from all over the world unifying over a few bass lines and synthesizers. Just Classic….