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The Curious Case of Herman Cain

Contemporary America being the focus of this blog, it’s only fitting that we start with a look to the future. With so many people unhappy with the state of the country, the GOP have a huge opportunity to take the country back. One of the frontrunners, Herman Cain, wait never mind, that IS right, Herman Cain is still a frontrunner after this…

Now This?

You know how in high school you could easily B.S. your way on an essay question even if you had no idea. That doesn’t work in the real world, Herman. The more I watch that, the more I think of this scene from Billy Madison:

The amount of times he’s said things he regrets is piling high. Has anyone kept track of how many times he’s stated “I misspoke.” When you’re President & have to make decisions that determine the fate of the free world, the phrase “I misspoke” tends not to work.

Cain’s making a mockery out of the GOP field & somehow he still remains a frontrunner. I seriously want to know what his secret is. His funding since all his gaffes actually have increased – not making this up. It feels like the plot to Dinner For Schmucks – are a group of millionaires funding his campaign in an attempt to see how far they can get him? Can you imagine any other foreign leader taking him seriously? He’s charismatic and a great businessman but you know what, so is Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Puff, P.Diddy Diddy – does that make him least when it comes to the Election, he’s telling people the right thing to do. Diddy Or Cain?

Instead, we’re just stuck with this:

Herman Cain Grope

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  1. haha, I purposely stay away from politricking, but this is some funny stuff


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